“A good thing about being wrong is the joy it brings to others”

We just passed this, written on the rear of a Wicked camper van.

A good reminder that it’s ok to mess-up. After all, the only way to do something well is to do it badly enough times ’til you’ve improved.

Another view is that, “if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not making progress.” Anyone can do the same old, same old.

So perhaps when someone makes a mistake, congratulations should be in order! After all, that’s what we do when a baby is learning to walk: we praise each tiny progression and all the abrupt sit-downs and falls too – imagine if we scolded the baby for learning to walk! Or called him stupid for trying! But sometimes that’s what we do to ourselves when we dare to dream about what could be. Or what others do if you say your biggest goals out loud.

So remember, make new mistakes every day. As many as possible. Because the only sure-fire way to fail is not to have a go.

Sometimes it’s a bit daunting, being on the loose in Australia, “free ranging”. So far from friends, family and familiarity. We’re missing you all! That’s the time to turn up the music and enjoy the ride. Just heard this great tune¬†while we’re driving to Brisbane.



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