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Why would any family rent out their UK house, leave their business, vehicles, horses to move halfway round the world?

Our lovely UK house, left behind.

What would then make a family give up a million-dollar home in Australia, in one of the
world’s top cities, to rough it under canvas for months on end?

So we are that family. We’ve had a stream of farewell parties, been waved off by family and staff, and moved to Australia. All 8 of us – two “responsible” parents, three great kids aged 12-17, 3 dogs. To make the most of our family time together and have more
great adventures.

Fairly sensible: the children are booked into a great school in Victoria and we’re going to take time out to get our visas and find new business opportunities.

But now we’ve arrived in Australia – and all of us feel like kids out of school. And you know what – we don’t want to go into school next term. The kids – Amy 12, Tim 14 and Ed 17, will only be repeating a term anyway. So here we are, with an unrepeatable, unmissable opportunity to bunk off for three months and explore Australia.

Will we leave our million-dollar home near the bay to go roughing it around Australia for the next quarter of a year?

Why would we do that?

We run theme parks for a living so “don’t do boring”. We’re far from normal. Living lives less ordinary. Awarded an MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for creating Crealy Great Adventure Parks, the favourite family theme parks in the south west of England.

Crealy in the beautiful south west of England www.crealy.co.uk

Childhood was growing up in the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh, another great explorer from 500 years ago.

Growing up at Hayes Barton in Devon, England

As time has passed, and two of our five children have grown into their twenties and moved out, so we’ve increasingly realised how precious is childhood. So we thought:  what’s the most we can do? Hence the decision to move to Australia – 12 months in the

planning although actually it’s more than three decades since first visiting aged 16 and
vowing to return….


  • To have amazing, life-changing adventures
  • To discover extreme fishing across and around Australia
  • To visit friends on farms, ranches and theme parks throughout Australia
  • To discover the best of Australia
  • To decide whether to sell our other businesses in the UK and commit to life in the southern hemisphere
  • All eight of us on the road together.

Do you want to come too?

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8 Responses
  1. Amy says:

    loving australia, missing the friends

  2. Jennie Steward says:

    So sorry I missed the news as it happened (we were busy being daring ourselves… only moving from the Teign Valley to the centre of town, but very brave for a country girl 🙂 !!). Just to say wow, wonderful, and good on you – enjoy yourselves and all the very best to you all, from all of us, Jennie, Pat, Will, Merrick & Joe x

    • angela says:

      Hi Jennie, Pat, Will, Merrick and Joe – how great to hear from you. Well done with your own move! Aus is a whole different experience – such a vast country. We’re in Queensland at the mo, still travelling. Everyone says hi. Hope to see you soon – come out and visit!

  3. Amy says:

    hi every one, the website is amazing sam!

  4. Tim Wright Snr. says:

    Love this site, very cool stories, I’ll never look at a bug again without checking for the snake!

    As fellow immigrants except to the US in our case, have fun figuring out the locals, you’ll never quite be the same, but sometimes the differences are hilarious!

    Have fun on the boat, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Love, Timbo, Helen & Tony – Clancy and jackson love the dog pictures…

    • Angela says:

      Hey Timbo et al in the good ol’ USA, great to hear from u. Hope you’re surviving the 4′ of snow – I hear the snow ploughs have run out of room to pile it and having to cart away in trucks. Other extreme here, beautiful 33′ on Australia Day today. A x

  5. Lesley says:

    Hi Angie and the gang!
    I thought I was the mad one abandoning my fab job with you at Crealy to adventure off to Hong Kong 7 years ago! It was scary but no regrets! Love Hong Kong!!!
    I am sure you are having a fantastic time “down under”. You’re right to seize the day… life is too short and can be full of “if only”s if we are not careful!
    Love Queensland… my sister has been there for 15 years and is well settled in now!
    I’m back in Devon supervising the renovations on the cottage (new thatched roof!!!).
    Enjoy your life! (I know you will!!!)

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