Wealth and Savings

What is wealth to you? Whatever it is, do you feel wealthy?

If you’re reading this, you’re already hugely lucky – to have the time, health and money to be connected to the rest of the world online. So in my book, you’re wealthy.

Gratitude is probably the number-one attribute of all the very successful people I’ve met. And true gratitude, like love, is an action thing. It means doing things in response to being grateful. Just like “to love” is a verb, and means loving in practical ways as well as emotional and spiritual. So by being grateful, one can be spurred to do more, achieve more, give more, be more generous – with time, emotion, thoughts, actions…

In practical terms, both being grateful and being wealthy are perhaps summarised by the Japenese grandmother who advised, “don’t throw away your blessings”. One of my favourite sources of advice and inspiration in Australia is Simple Savings here’s their offering in March 2011.

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