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How Do I Become Successful?

So excited that my first book How Do I Become Successful? has been published on Kindle! Thanks so much all you lovely people who insisted I publish, especially Gail in London, Tiffany in Devon, Gail and Dee in Australia and of course my darling David.

Here’s a way to get to read it for nothing… when u buy the book on Amazon, send me your receipt and I’ll send you another copy for nothing for you to give to a friend. We all know that Kindle editions can’t be shared – but this way you can have yours for free and send a new one on to a friend as a present… great for a last minute birthday or hostess gift.

Now, because I hope to see you on the beach I’m not going to be keeping up this blog except VERY infrequently.

You can catch up with me at my Optimising Business blog though, which is where I post most frequently – just click here for my favourite story about your scorpions...

And of course, if you want to get in touch, do so by clicking here.