Family Values

Our family values:

Belief – everything starts with this. After all, “if you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re always right”. Whatever you want in life, just: believe; expect; be grateful for it. And it will be there. Don’t ask me how, it just works like that.

Enthusiasm – nothing is sustained without this. My grandmother Amy Down used to say, “talk’s cheap”. My wise friend Sonia says, “remember not to oversleep if you want your live your dreams”. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. All were sustained by enthusiasm to achieve their imagined dreams and deliver change in the world.

Diligence – following through, dealing with the details. Being honest and true. Delivering the promise.

Gratitude – the most important of all? The secret to success? We’re such tiny parts of our vast universe – but because of its vastness, doesn’t that make each of us significant? To be part of something so significant? Churchill said, “life is too important to be taken seriously”. Exactly. Being grateful for what we have and for what we will have is key.

Hospitality – growing up at Hayes Barton, hospitality was embedded in our life. We welcomed day visitors to the house every summer afternoon – for tours through the kitchen, living room, bedrooms… “Bed, breakfast and evening meal” guests stayed for weeks on end – for the freedom, the heritage, the delicious three course breakfasts and dinners… family visited often…friends dropped by unannounced. All greeted with warmth, food, time. At Crealy Barton, we’re strived to create the same. Often people staying – Kirrin from Australia, Maria from Denmark, Cam and Erin from London, Hugo and Elliot from Russia during our last summer at home. And of course, Crealy is about hospitality. Sharing our great country childhoods, our great adventures and real magic, with over eight million visitors so far.

Service – the only route to lasting happiness, to my knowledge. Find what you love to do, are good at, and is wanted. Then serve others by doing. Remember, love is a verb, a “doing” word. To love someone means caring, sharing, being honest, being kind, being active. To serve well is an art – whether a barista or barman, waiter or brain surgeon, vet or farmer, teacher or artist. To serve involves participation in the rest of the world – looking outwards not inward; selflessness not egoism. Mediocrity or joylessness is not service. “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. Find the joy in the job in hand.

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  1. Tilburg says:

    Hey this post is nice and interesting. I’ll use it for my project :). Can you comment me some related articles that I can read too?

  2. sonia says:

    Abraham Lincon,s message begins with.
    You can not help others who will not help themselves,So True. Failure is just a learning tool to get things right next time,not the end just part of progressing.

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