Friday night, staying underground

White Cliffs Underground Hotel is within old opal workings. “The world’s largest underground motel”,, its 32 rooms are an oasis in a hostile environment. We escaped from the 35 degree heat into the cool warren, where it’s always 22 degrees all year round. With temperatures outside ranging from freezing on winter nights to 50 degrees in summer, that’s wonderful!

Bob our host gave us a tour through the domed-ceilinged, twisting wormholes; the rooms have high skylights, like the holes Alice fell down chasing the white rabbit.

Dinner was served at 6.30pm to all 11 of us guests. We got to know some great Norwegians at the Hotel. Frode and Ellen are hoteliers, taking a year out to travel around the world with their two teenage daughters, Marie and Louise.

Frode was skyping with his staff back home. David and I also joined a board meeting online but with intermittent signal it was a challenge. Note to self:  check connectivity before next board meeting. Good reports of HallowFest at the Parks this halfterm, with record numbers of pumpkins and the new trick-or-treating sweet stations a big hit.

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