Grateful for another new year

Grateful for 2011 and 2012: here’s a ten-minute film that’s worth watching (despite the American accents and wrongly calling a tap a “faucet”). Tip: unless you have super-fast broadband, you might want to let it play through on its own first then click play and it’ll run without buffering. It’ll only take you ten minutes to¬†watch this, that still leaves you with 710 more minutes today.

As Oscar Wilde said, “Life is too important to be taken seriously”. So if you feel like lightening up, here’s a game you might want to play, if you feel like it. It’s fun to do on your own, even better with one or two others…

When you’re remembering all the best parts of 2011, “premember” all the best bits of 2012 to come. Because as you prepare and plan, so that very action begins to bring those activities into being. Of course, you have to take action too. Just as the fish are already in the sea, no-one’s going to put them on your hook unless you go fishing with the right kit. So it is with everything that’s important to you. You have to take action, beginning with the preparation. And the most fun bit of that preparation is to imagine what it will be like.

So “premember” all of the great things that are to come in 2012, just as you remember what’s already been in 2011. “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”: in order to sow, you need to first decide on the seeds then prepare the ground. Going through the gardening catalogue of your future, picking out which seeds to sow, can be really fun. How colourful, scented, delicious, amazing, huge will your 2012 be?

Wishing you a very happy new year and may all the good things that you most wish for yourself and others come to be.

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