“Perfectionism is the enemy of progress”

So it’s been a long time in between posts on this blog. But every day, I’ve written posts in my head; often they’ve been polished, honed, crafted… linked to events of the day. Why not here online? Well, because they “weren’t good enough”, l wasn’t sure they were what you wanted to read or whether they were in keeping with what we’d started.

Walking in the surf at Sunshine Beach this morning, the sea seemed to literally wash away lots of disjoined thoughts. A kind of meditation. Thanks, Mother Nature.

An evening at the beach. Who needs a plane or a coaster - all you need is a big brother to make you fly!

We live a far from normal life. We began our great Australian adventure back in 2010, more than twenty years after starting Crealy Great Adventure Parks, more than thirty years after first visiting Australia.

Since starting the Far From Normal blog, that expression is now part of our everyday family life. Viewing a great house to live in, when David said to me that, “It’s far from normal”, I knew this was the one. Discovering the perfect tapas bar on the banks of the Noosa river with my friend Winnie, I know it’s a far from normal lunch. Being told our visas are granted and celebrating with champagne that night makes for a far from normal evening. Hearing Amy’s plans, Tim’s events, Ed’s escapades, James’ and Kirrin’s double-hemisphere duet, Sam and Charlotte’s activities – so many aspects far from normal.

And don’t get me started on the rest of the world. The tragedy that is Japan and Libya right now – far, far, far from normal in dreadful ways. The awfulness is that Libya has been a long time brewing and the actions of Mad Dog Gaddafi had been permitted as normal for decades; far from normal goes in two directions – awful and amazing. And those nuclear power plants in poor Japan? Well, poison is poison; how can it be normal to create and hide away tonnes of toxicity? Would that be a normal thing to do at home? If you manufactured and hid away enough toxins to eliminate tens of thousands of people, would you still be a free citizen? What’s the difference between that and our society condoning the nuclear power plants throughout the world? “Because we need the power.” Isn’t that like trying to get out of a speeding ticket by saying you’re in a hurry? Does the end ever justify the means? I don’t think so.

So “far from normal” can be awful – or can be amazing. Of course we want the amazing. Is it the fear of the awful that locks us into normality, most of the time? Fear: that disabling, disempowering emotion, always behind the paralysis of analysis that gets in the way of creation, of change?

“Normality is over-rated” has long been an expression at Crealy Barton, our old home. Who wants normal? Who wants same-old? Life’s a great adventure, if you let it be.

So I’m publishing this post before perfectionism can get in the way. Thanks Chris G for the prompt…I found Chris’ blog looking for my old favourite, Chris Guillebeau’s; “The Art of Non-Conformity” was a staple for me while planning the great adventure to Australia. If this post helps anyone live a far from normal life even in a small way, that’s enough.

And so I’m leaving this blog wide open now for anything to happen – so long as it’s amazingly far from normal. Please tell me what you think with your comments?

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  1. Sam Hembury says:

    Very good post mum, enjoyed it! Make sure you keep up the posts as sure lots of people are enjoying them! xx

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