The Cast

The Cast

David Wright

The rock of the family. And the driver, first aider, navigator, diver,
explorer, Rugby enthusiast. Lived in the Antarctic for three years, working with the British Antarctic Survey. Dream job: Extreme Fishing presenter – or just extreme fishing ☺

Angela Wright

Author of this blog. Wife. Mother of five children. Founder of the south west of England’s favourite theme parks. Cook. Author.

Dream job So many to choose from! Including traveler, farmer, business founder, author, public speaker, coach.

Ed Wright

Age 17 when we set off from England in 2010. Sportsman, hunter and shooter,  provides the family dinner without needing to shop.
Dream job: Wilderness explorer, hunter, discoverer of minerals and farmland.

Tim Wright

Age 14 when we set off. GSOH.chocolate connoisseur, Rugby player, Tv monitor, surfer and party enthusiast. Birthday on new year’s eve – but where will it take place?

Dream job: Engineer?

Amy Wright

Amy (left) and beautiful friend Anya, at the South West of England Athletics Championships.
Age 12 when we set off. All her friends left in England.
html Dream job: Animal rescue.


And that’s just the family who came with us…

Our two oldest sons Sam and James haven’t joined us (yet?): Sam and family remain in Devon; James and fiancee Kirrin are at University in South Australia.


The other three intrepid travellers who journeyed with us from the UK to Australia are…


German Shepherd. Born in the UK, moved to Australia to guard the family.



Jade, the old granny black Labrador. Mother to 21 puppies in the UK, now moved to Australia with the family to retrieve anything lost; great gundog, not yet retrieved either kangaroos or koalas.


Sapphire, in one of her darker moods. Daughter of Jade, Mother to 12 puppies in the UK. The most smiley dog in the world; moved to Australia with the family to make sure everyone’s happy.

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  1. Sam Hembury says:

    Has dad had a shave in this picture? Also were is the rest of the family huh!!! lol

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